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HDFC Bank Merger, How To Calculate Cost Price & Share Allotment Post The HDFC Bank & HDFC LTD Merger

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

HDFC Bank Merger Dates:

As we all know by now 12th July was the last trading day for HDFC Ltd on stock exchanges. The HDFC bank merger was completed on 1st July. Those who held HDFC Ltd shares as of 13th July 2023 will receive 42 shares of HDFC Bank for every 25 shares of HDFC Ltd. The shares of HDFC bank will be allotted to HDFC Ltd shareholders in the ratio 1:1.68 and the fractional shares shall be settled in cash.

Hdfc Bank Merger Share Allotment Example

The HDFC bank merger will work as follows, For example, If a shareholder is having 20 HDFC Ltd shares, he is entitled to get 33.6 HDFC Bank shares. As the shares cannot be held in fraction, 33 shares will be credited to him and the remaining 0.6 will be settled in cash.

To assist you in managing your records, I have created a convenient calculator. It will determine the number of shares allotted to you and provide the new buying price for your reference. Feel free to utilize this tool to keep your records updated.

HDFC Bank Merger Share Allotment Calculator:

Download XLSX • 13KB

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