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Empower Your Financial Goals: Unlocking Dynamic Goal Mapping with Mutual Funds

Intent Of Mutual Fund Investments

When you're getting started with your mutual fund investment journey, having a solid plan is key. Whether it's saving for that dream home, your kid's education, that shiny dream car, securing your retirement, or simply building wealth, a clear roadmap is essential. And after you've put your money in, it's super important to regularly check in on your strategy. This helps make sure you're cruising along towards those big financial goals.

Live Goal Tracking with Mutual Funds:

I am excited to introduce a transformative feature on the NJ E-wealth platform - live tracking of your investment goals using Mutual Funds. Now, you can monitor the real-time progress of each goal, allowing you to fine-tune your investment strategy as needed. This functionality is available both on our user-friendly app and web-based platform.

The Big Issue, tracking Goal allotments to Mutual Funds:

Tracking progress and aligning investments with specific goals can be quite a challenge. It often takes a considerable amount of time, and let's face it, it's not always a walk in the park to keep tabs on which fund was allocated for which investment. This can get particularly tricky as your investment portfolio grows and diversifies.

Many investors find themselves grappling with this exact issue, which is why having a dynamic tracking system in place is so crucial. It not only saves you time and effort but also provides you with a clear snapshot of your financial landscape, ensuring every fund is working towards the right target.

Efficient Goal Mapping with NJ Wealth Goal Mapping Utility:

To streamline this process, we've developed a straightforward Excel file for you. By filling in your details and sending it back to us, we'll initiate the goal-mapping process using the NJ Wealth Goal Mapping Utility. This powerful tool enables us to allocate a percentage of a particular invested mutual fund to different goals, providing you with a comprehensive view of each objective's progress.

Live Demonstration OF NJ Mutual Funds Goal Mapping utility:

The screenshot is of a live mapped account

Enabling Real-Time Course Correction of Mutual Funds:

This utility isn't just about tracking progress; it's about having the ability to course correct as needed. If any goal is lagging behind, the tool will provide valuable insights on how to adjust your investment strategy. By leveraging this technology, you'll have the data and time necessary to make informed decisions.

Inflation and Returns Assumptions:

Before adding data to the utility, we'll engage in a brief discussion with you. This conversation will revolve around crucial factors such as inflation and returns assumptions. By aligning these expectations, we ensure that the tracking process is accurate and tailored to your specific investment strategy.

We're thrilled to offer you this invaluable tool that will revolutionize the way you track and manage your investment goals with Mutual Funds. We have attached an Excel sheet. Fill and email the Excel sheet back to me and seize this opportunity to take control of your financial future. We look forward to witnessing you make the most of this powerful resource.

Goal Mapping
Download XLSX • 12KB

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