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"Protect Yourself from Online Scams: 10 Must-Know Precautions Before Sending Money Online!"

As online transactions have increased in India over the last half decade, so has the frequency of online scams. To protect yourself from these fraudulent activities, consider taking the following 10 measures before sending money to someone online.

Don’t rush: Never make quick decisions when sending large amounts. Take your time and make transfers after proper research.

Use NEFT/IMPS transfer instead of UPI: UPI may be fast and secure, but it masks the details of the person. If in doubt, ask for the bank details to transfer money through NEFT or IMPS for more transparency.

Use a search engine to look up the number/company name A simple search on the phone number or email of the person may reveal if they have cheated others in the past.

Transfer part money: Always pay an advance first and pay the balance later to avoid losing all your money in case of fraud.

Red Flags: continuous callbacks are a red flag Fraudsters tend to spam you with calls and messages. If this happens, be cautious.

Validate: check the number/contact person with online groups/sites Genuine businesses usually have a strong online presence. If the person you are contacting is missing these things, be wary of them.

Check on Truecaller Check the phone number on Truecaller to see if others have tagged it as “fraud” or “scam”.

Don’t share sensitive information: Never share your personal or financial information with anyone online.

Use secure payment methods: Always use secure payment methods such as Google Pay, or Amazon Pay for online transactions.

Verify the website’s authenticity: Check if the website is authentic by verifying its SSL certificate, contact details, and privacy policy.

By following these precautions, you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of online fraud while transferring money online.

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